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Where to find my books

I started my writing career back in the 1980s with the publication of my first work, A Gentleman's Mistress.  Beloved Avenger followed the following year, both published in paperback by Zebra Books.


In the near future, electronic versions of these two early publications will be available on Kindle and similiar  e-book readers.  I will keep you updated on the progress of the conversion from paperback and let you know when downloads will be available.Current and backlist books are available online from Amazon and various other websites.


Current titles are also available from the Mills & Boon website, and in store at WHSmith and supermarket stockists. They can also be ordered from your local bookseller. If, like me, you enjoy visiting your local library you will find some earlier, hard to find, titles there.

Linked Books

The Virtuous Courtesan

Inherited: one mistress!

Gavin Stone discovers on his brother’s death that, to inherit his estate, he must also take on his mistress! Gavin never thought that claiming his inheritance could be so pleasurable…Sarah is horrified—she never thought she would be passed on as if she were a chattel—but what choice does she have? And Gavin will expect a practised seducer when, in reality, she is as unschooled as a debutante! But just maybe an innocent courtesan is what it will take to thaw this rake’s heart…

The Rake's Defiant Mistress

Notorious rake, reckless widow

Snowbound with society’s most notorious rake, Ruth Hayden has to use every ounce of her defiant spirit to keep from falling into his arms. But behind his charm Sir Clayton Powell hides the pain and humiliation of a past betrayal. Her life marked with scandal, Ruth knows what it is to struggle on the fringes of society, but even she is shocked by the vicious gossip circulating about him. Recklessly, she seeks to silence the rumour mill—by announcing their engagement. Then wonders how Clayton will take advantage of the situation…

Linked Books

Mary Brendan, Historical Romance
Chivalrous Rake, Scandalous Lady

Once he offered for her hand…
Beautiful recluse Miss Jemma Bailey is mortified when her interfering cousin implores Marcus Speer to marry her! Jemma has spent years trying to forget her passionate response to Marcus’s seductive touch, and the scandal when she rejected his proposal. But the ruthless gleam in Marcus’s eyes tells Jemma he remembers everything!

…now he’ll take her virtue!
Marcus won’t let the alluring Jemma go until he’s exacted his long-awaited revenge for her debutante flirtation—he’ll bed her rather than wed her! Though soon this isn’t nearly enough…… Regency Rogues Ripe for a scandal. Ready for a bride.

Dangerous Lord and Seductive Miss


Heiress Deborah Cleveland jilted an earl for Randolph Chadwicke. He promised he would come back for her. But then he disappeared… Seven years later Randolph, now Lord Buckland, bursts back into Deborah’s life! She’s unmarried and penniless, he’s as sinfully attractive as ever—but this time he isn’t offering marriage… Worst of all, he seems to be involved with the murderous local smugglers. Can Deborah resist the dark magnetism of the lawless lord? Regency Rogues Ripe for a scandal. Ready for a bride.

The Hunter Brothers

A Practical Mistress

Sir Jason Hunter could not let a young widow fall intoruin when he could so easily help. His intentions werepurely honorable, but then the lady herself surprisedhim with an offer of a carte blanche!

Helen Marlowe's despicable brother had left her nearlypenniless, and she knew that becoming Jason's mistresswas the only practical solution. She told herself thedecision was made with her head, not her heart, and hadnothing to do with the way this notorious rake made herfeel—or the look in his eyes that promised suchheady delights....

The Wanton Bride

Mark Hunter managed to vex her at every opportunity—and seemed to enjoy doing so! However, to prevent a family scandal, Emily Beaumont must turn to him for help. Mark was more than happy to be of service to the delectable Miss Beaumont; with her quick wit and determined spirit she always made deliciously diverting company. But Mark soon discovered that Emily truly was in danger....

With disgrace just a breath away, Emily ached for Mark's strong arms to comfort her. Yet she held a secret—one that would surely prevent any gentleman from considering her as a suitable bride....

The Meredith Sisters quartet

Wedding Night Revenge


Rachel Meredith is beautiful, witty, an heiress—and single! She’s turned down every offer of marriage and jilted the most eligible bachelor, handsome Major Connor Flinte.

When her father loses her family home in a game of cards, Rachel is furious! Especially as the new owner is Connor Flinte, now the Earl of Devane. She will do anything to get her home back. But Connor wants revenge—he’ll return the deeds of the estate on one condition. Rachel must give him the wedding night he never had….

The Unknown Wife


A single passionate night’s encounter, long ago, has come back to haunt Colonel Etienne Hauke. He has a son—by a disgraced Society beauty who demands that Etienne should make an honest woman of her!

Isabel must marry her charming seducer—for the sake of her child. Although, still resenting her years of shame, she determines it will be a marriage in name only….

A Scandalous Marriage

Marriage under fire…

William and June Pemberton have been happily married for three years—but the longer they go on without June’s conceiving, the more concerned she becomes. Especially since William’s old flame is now free to marry again and, according to his mother, would make him much the better wife. And then a handsome charmer turns his attentions to June….

Pushed apart by jealousy, William and June must fight to keep their marriage alive. Sometimes, it seems, their mutual passion is all that holds them together….

The Rake and The Rebel

Miss Silver Meredith. Beautiful, just eighteen…and vulnerable to the worst sort of scandal after anattempted elopement goes wrong. Her reputation andher future depend on the silence of one man…

Adam, Marquess of Rockingham. A rake fromthe most notorious of noble families, he's ruthless,charming and dangerous. He's also still smarting abouta graceless rejection from the only woman to whomhe's ever proposed marriage, the only woman he'sever loved—Silver Meredith.

And now Silver's fate is in Adam's hands….

Bad Boy's quartet

Mr Trelawney's Proposal


Miss Rebecca Nash had found refuge and a kind landlord in Robin, Lord Rumsden. She'd needed both five years ago, when she'd lost her parents and fiance, and her brother Simon had disappeared with her dowry. Now, suddenly, Robin was dead, and his heir, Luke Trelawney, intended to wind matters up quickly before he returned to Cornwall.

At his first sight of Rebecca, he changed his mind. Mistakenly believing Rebecca to have been Robin's mistress, he saw no reason she could not be his, as well. But Rebecca had other ideas!

A Kind and Decent Man


Mrs. Victoria Hart, recently widowed, suddenly found herself impoverished. Her only hope of financial aid was David, Viscount Courtenay—the man who'd loved and cherished her before abandoning her seven years previously.

Suggesting a marriage of convenience, Victoria was horrified when David offered a different bargain instead—be his mistress!

The Silver Squire 

She could flee…

Miss Emma Worthington knew that at twenty-seven she was on the shelf, but even that could not persuade her to marry an appalling roue to save her father from debt. The only escape was to run away to Bath. It seemed the worst of bad luck that Richard Du Quesne should be there, showing every sign of wanting to save her from herself. Was there nowhere she could hide from the man known as the Silver Squire—and did she really want to?

A Rogusih Gentleman


Viscount Stratton had a reputation as an adventurer and a daredevil. He also kept the most beautiful mistresses of any man in the ton. So all of London was agog with the news that Stratton suddenly planned to wed Lady Elizabeth Rowe.

Lady Elizabeth’s family owed money to the viscount, and the only way to repay it was with Elizabeth’s sizable dowry. But the sensible girl had no desire to wed such a rogue, even if he was handsome as sin. Everyone, Elizabeth included, wondered why Stratton had agreed to marry a lady with a dubious reputation. Was it love—or revenge?

First publications

A Gentlemen's Mistress


Sarah should have been grateful for Mark Tarrington's timely intervention.  Without a reference, no one but the notoriously handsome lord would ever have hired such a young and lovely widow as a governess for his niece and nephew.  But instead Sarah was furious - at being forced to accept Tarrington's favours, at his ruthless arrogance and taunting remarks, and, most of all at the way her heart jumped every time his piercing eyes bore into hers...



A breath of scandal had always surrounded Mark Tarrington's far from saintly existence.  Never before had he hesitated to bed any woman he desired.  But the intriguing and rather mysterious Sarah Thornton was obviously going to require patience.  Unfortunately, that was the one quality Tarrington had very little of...

Beloved Avenger

BELOVED AVENGER   Another early publication from the 1980s being converted to ebook and due out next year.



​There was no mistaking Sir Clifford Moore's sardonically handsome features as he stood at Almack's staring at her.  Emily shivered at the sight of the thin scar on his left cheek.  That had not been there before.  She knew then that he would never forget - could never forget - what her family had done to him.  And that he would take his revenge any way he could...


Moore was surprised to see what a beauty little Emily had become.  How ironic - and fortuitous - that the family who had stolen his inheritance had now offered him the perfect means to exact vengeance.   This time it was Moore who held the power - and Emily was in no position to defy his wishes, whatever they might be...

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